Saturday, August 21, 2010

+++ Outside Fishbowl PV & Diet!? +++

I have been enjoying this PV from Koda Kumi! It's called 'Outside Fishbowl'. There is also 'Inside Fishbowl' which is a more poppy version :)

What do you think of it?

I was cleaning my room and I remembered that I had this snowglobe...
Well I'm not religious or anything but I think it's really neat -- kind of like a victorian furniture type-like thing...

details --

Next... I was captured by this kind of flame!!

It is a chili slimming gel?!?! supposingly it detoxins your body and burns cellulite.
I want to know does this type of thing even works? I will test this out starting tonight...

I bought a new BB Cream ~~
I'm not writing a review or anything but I wonder do you use BB Cream? Which brand do you use?

That is all for now; I will go take a rest -- I don't know why but I feel really sick ... orz


Anonymous said...

If you like that song, perhaps you like namie amuro's break it too! :3

bb cream? bodybutter?

Mint said...

tell me if it works!

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