Saturday, August 21, 2010

+++ Outside Fishbowl PV & Diet!? +++

I have been enjoying this PV from Koda Kumi! It's called 'Outside Fishbowl'. There is also 'Inside Fishbowl' which is a more poppy version :)

What do you think of it?

I was cleaning my room and I remembered that I had this snowglobe...
Well I'm not religious or anything but I think it's really neat -- kind of like a victorian furniture type-like thing...

details --

Next... I was captured by this kind of flame!!

It is a chili slimming gel?!?! supposingly it detoxins your body and burns cellulite.
I want to know does this type of thing even works? I will test this out starting tonight...

I bought a new BB Cream ~~
I'm not writing a review or anything but I wonder do you use BB Cream? Which brand do you use?

That is all for now; I will go take a rest -- I don't know why but I feel really sick ... orz

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

+++ Tresspassing to Canada!! +++

This post is mainly about a part of my trip to Canada and a big food spam.

I also re-did the layout; I hope it's not too rash on the eyes!

When the tour bus goes to the Canadian side, there is the deputy and there is a Duty-Free Shop about 100 feet away. They sell goods and brand things without tax.

I got these delicious looking Belguim Chocolate Truffles! It's very yummy and it's not very sweet -- my dad suprisingly liked them too. It's very good. x 100 !!

Of course, they also have Canadian Ice Wine!

We went to see Niagara Falls and after that, we went to Skylon Dining Tower which is a 360 revolving resturant more than 80 stories or so.

A lot of silverware and the like...

The butter was carved in such a shape -- waaa!!

A lovely salad!

The steak, potatoes, a tomato, and an overcooked brocoli.

Dessert! Yes I would!

Rwarrrr! I can hear the waves even at such a great height!

I didn't want to bore you too much so these vacation trip entries will resume another time~

Monday, August 16, 2010

+++ Nihonmachi Street Fair +++

This weekend there was a street fair in Japantown. For the past 2 days, it was very sunny and nice. It's nice to see everyone with their families enjoying themselves.

There were so many food stalls of Japanese food and the live music was mainly hip hop or traditional Japanese music.

I saw many cute dressed up people, I wanted to take photos of everyone and everything

Today I go out in GOLDS Infinity !! It's one of my favorite brands
Recently I got a new coat from GOLDS which is pictured here

I went to PikaPika and took purikura

Today's coordinate!

One Piece - GOLDS Infinity
Necklace - d.i.a
Bag - GOLDS Infinity
Bangles - some accessory stall
Tights - forgot
Shoes - from a trade

Black Peace Now is having a sale so I went to buy something...

I gotten a necklace! I saw it in Kera and really liked how it can be worn with a simple shirt... which is me almost everyday www

Close Up
- LiLY

Thursday, August 12, 2010

+++ Photoshoot & Babyssb +++

My mom is next to me painting her nails. When did she start to take on this hobby?

Wow! I haven't made an entry for a while, so let's backtrack a bit

We had a last minute photoshoot modeling new clothing from 〇〇 ; sorry! we cannot release any more details about it so please wait for it

BABY, the Stars Shine Bright is a Lolita brand and they are selling 'fukubukuro' which is a lucky pack/blind bag.

Look @ all the dressed up Lolitas and Boys
There were some girls that were waiting since 7am in the morning
So many girls dressed up; today I didn't dress up acutally...
The lucky packs content were a cutsew dress, snowbunny print JSK, a necklace, and a bonnet.

- LiLY

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

+++ D'espairsRay @ Slims +++

D'espairsRay is back in the US as part of their Human-clad Monsters world tour and this time they played at Slims.

Cure hosted an autograph session at 2-3pm. I was suprised because I was expecting more people to show up.

At the signing, they were only selling posters and it was the only thing the band could sign. If you had something you brought for them to sign, you had to buy the poster then request that the band sign your personal item rather than the poster.

They had the band members seated facing the wall when they should be facing the fans. Which I do not understand. Maybe they were in fear that the fans would take photos of the band?

We bought them cheese & crackers with pepperoni/salami and some beer.

The band was getting a ride to Slims from the shop and my friend was heading there too so the driver drove her as well. She was in the car with their tour manager, Karyu and Tsukasa and she said they were real quiet for the ride saying just 'hello' and 'thank you'.
They giggled when the song Single Ladies by Beyonce started to play lol.

But for the other two in the other car with Hizumi and Zero, Yumi said that they were talking.

They put on a really great show even when about less than 100 attended. They played DEATH POINT, REDEEMER, Human-clad Monster, LOVE IS DEAD, dope, Abel to Cain, Infection, BORN, MIЯROR, SIXty∞NINe, Hollow, abyss, Garnet, and some other songs I'm sure I forgotten.

My outfit for the show

Since there were not many people, a lot of people I knew got to catch the band's picks and water bottle and drumstick. Slims held a Meet & Greet (The RIGHT way) and had the band members face the fans and allowed the band to sign whatever merch you have or caught.

I had them sign my MIRROR cd this time and I asked Hizumi and Karyu for a fist pump and Hizumi was like 'YEEEAAAHHHHHHhhhhhh!'

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