Monday, August 16, 2010

+++ Nihonmachi Street Fair +++

This weekend there was a street fair in Japantown. For the past 2 days, it was very sunny and nice. It's nice to see everyone with their families enjoying themselves.

There were so many food stalls of Japanese food and the live music was mainly hip hop or traditional Japanese music.

I saw many cute dressed up people, I wanted to take photos of everyone and everything

Today I go out in GOLDS Infinity !! It's one of my favorite brands
Recently I got a new coat from GOLDS which is pictured here

I went to PikaPika and took purikura

Today's coordinate!

One Piece - GOLDS Infinity
Necklace - d.i.a
Bag - GOLDS Infinity
Bangles - some accessory stall
Tights - forgot
Shoes - from a trade

Black Peace Now is having a sale so I went to buy something...

I gotten a necklace! I saw it in Kera and really liked how it can be worn with a simple shirt... which is me almost everyday www

Close Up
- LiLY


ochikeron said...

Hi! You dressed up nice :D I don't know how to shop in Harajuku. Do you shop there often?!

Mint said...

how cuteee!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice dress!

Anonymous said...

Ok! But still, don't you think it's weird to spent... 100 bucks? on something you don't even know what it is?

Anonymous said...

ohh i went too!! :) and i did pikapika. glad you had fun lol!

Phony said...

you are so cute!
i love your outfit!!

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