Wednesday, August 4, 2010

+++ D'espairsRay @ Slims +++

D'espairsRay is back in the US as part of their Human-clad Monsters world tour and this time they played at Slims.

Cure hosted an autograph session at 2-3pm. I was suprised because I was expecting more people to show up.

At the signing, they were only selling posters and it was the only thing the band could sign. If you had something you brought for them to sign, you had to buy the poster then request that the band sign your personal item rather than the poster.

They had the band members seated facing the wall when they should be facing the fans. Which I do not understand. Maybe they were in fear that the fans would take photos of the band?

We bought them cheese & crackers with pepperoni/salami and some beer.

The band was getting a ride to Slims from the shop and my friend was heading there too so the driver drove her as well. She was in the car with their tour manager, Karyu and Tsukasa and she said they were real quiet for the ride saying just 'hello' and 'thank you'.
They giggled when the song Single Ladies by Beyonce started to play lol.

But for the other two in the other car with Hizumi and Zero, Yumi said that they were talking.

They put on a really great show even when about less than 100 attended. They played DEATH POINT, REDEEMER, Human-clad Monster, LOVE IS DEAD, dope, Abel to Cain, Infection, BORN, MIЯROR, SIXty∞NINe, Hollow, abyss, Garnet, and some other songs I'm sure I forgotten.

My outfit for the show

Since there were not many people, a lot of people I knew got to catch the band's picks and water bottle and drumstick. Slims held a Meet & Greet (The RIGHT way) and had the band members face the fans and allowed the band to sign whatever merch you have or caught.

I had them sign my MIRROR cd this time and I asked Hizumi and Karyu for a fist pump and Hizumi was like 'YEEEAAAHHHHHHhhhhhh!'


Anonymous said...

Oi! First follower!

Their new album is great! I wished they came to the Netherlands too!

They're always being stupid with singning things! At the Hagakure and ANTI FEMINISM concert they would ONLY sign their album/poster. >.>

†Lily Kaytherin† said...

Hey! Thanx for reading my blog! I didn't think anyone was reading haha xD

I don't think it's the bands fault, I'm sure that the band would have been happy signing anything but my guess is that their management is a bit strict and they were scared of people bring in fake bootleg or some crap >_<

Anonymous said...

True! Bootleg is out there! Beware! XD

And thanks for commenting! It has been a while since I did a shoot! I did take pictures before, but I stopped for a while and only took small pictures for my other blog! And I never did a shoot like that, so really thank you for your comment! Really thank you <3

Oh and psssst! You can't reply on people comments, I suggest you go to their blog and leave a comment there! (I didn't get a notification or anything of your comment above! It doesn't work like that ; _ ; )

Anonymous said...

D: If you do that you get a reply of every comment on the post >_>

I stick to blog switching to comment? :]

Btw, I love your outfit! Don't you have any worn photo's in a glamrock pose? :]

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