Wednesday, August 18, 2010

+++ Tresspassing to Canada!! +++

This post is mainly about a part of my trip to Canada and a big food spam.

I also re-did the layout; I hope it's not too rash on the eyes!

When the tour bus goes to the Canadian side, there is the deputy and there is a Duty-Free Shop about 100 feet away. They sell goods and brand things without tax.

I got these delicious looking Belguim Chocolate Truffles! It's very yummy and it's not very sweet -- my dad suprisingly liked them too. It's very good. x 100 !!

Of course, they also have Canadian Ice Wine!

We went to see Niagara Falls and after that, we went to Skylon Dining Tower which is a 360 revolving resturant more than 80 stories or so.

A lot of silverware and the like...

The butter was carved in such a shape -- waaa!!

A lovely salad!

The steak, potatoes, a tomato, and an overcooked brocoli.

Dessert! Yes I would!

Rwarrrr! I can hear the waves even at such a great height!

I didn't want to bore you too much so these vacation trip entries will resume another time~


Mint said...

it makes me so hungry

Anonymous said...

Haha! Belgium chocolate! XD oh I know, their my 'neighbours' and there's a lot of belgium chocolate avaible in the Netherlands.

patty keki said...

Gahh, well thank you for reading!
P.S. You're quite adorable :)

Anonymous said...

It looks that you had a very amazing vacation. lucky girl!


Anonymous said...

ok! :3

I love my winterjacket <3 It's waaaaaaaay cooler than my summercoat >.>

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