Wednesday, July 21, 2010

+++ I ♡ SWEETS +++

Before we left for New York, there was a French pastry I saw on TV that I really wanted to try...

the pastry in question!




It's a bit hard and very sweet; perhaps even a bit too sweet for me!

Of course, I buy the usual, PUDDING! The bakery only makes mango and strawberry pudding.
There are no holes and the pudding is very rich!

In New York, we went to a downtown/union square place to eat for lunch and businessmen were buying their lunch. We spotted a cute hamburger! It's so tiny and was finished in 3 bites, but very delicious.

I don't think I can live without my daily usual snack...

Yogurt with granola bits and fruit!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

+++ YOSHIKI Benefit Party @ Nokia +++

Legendary Japanese Rockstar YOSHIKI who is the drummer of X Japan hosted a charity event @ Nokia in Los Angeles.

It was a very nice bar place but I felt that everything went by a bit too slow. There was a h.NAOTO fashion show and a Masqerade contest where the contestants can win a chance to be in X Japan's PV.

The models for the fashion show looked nice but they walked really slow...

They played only ONE song ; the accoustic version of IV.
Sugizo made an appearance and played his transparent violin while Yoshiki was in the back playing piano with Toshi on vocals.

I feel bad for fans that were waiting in line for hours for one song to be played...

After that, they announced that instead of shooting the PV tomorrow, it would be done tonight!

X Japan shooting a PV for the song Born to be Free.
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