Sunday, September 12, 2010


EAT YOU ALIVE will be welcoming a new member to their ranks! I am so excited cuz EATs is one of my top favorite Visual Rock indies band from Nagoya. I love them to deaxxth!!

They have a countdown until October 1 until they release profile of the new member. Their first live with the new member will be on October 3!!!

They soooo good. I love them!


Mads Kristian ★☆ said...

Eat You Alive is like one of my favorite bands! nice blog, btw! ^3^

†Lily Kaytherin† said...

>> Mads Kristian ★☆

EAT is also one of my favorite bands! I can't wait to hear their new releases in the future! I just absolutely love them so much! <3

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