Saturday, October 2, 2010

+++ Sunny Day With MINT +++

Hello! It has been almost a month since I made a long post! Last week on Tuesday I had an adventure day with MINT and she decided that we dress up because the weather was so hot. (90 degrees!)

We went to an Indian resturant and ate lunch! It's very delicious and I was very stuffed when I was done. We were planning to go get some dessert like gelato after but our stomache did not allow for such actions!

This is some naan! We got seconds -- it's so delicious, I love it!

After lunch, we went to a cute little Japanese store that is kind of like a dollar store but with cuter stuff. I didn't take any photos though. ; - ;

That is all for that adventerous day! I shall post more about my other adventures that happened which I have not posted about yet :) Please wait for it!


Mint said...

i like how you always deck out in mah stuff.


JAN said...

You look so absolutely cool!
You have a gorgeous style!

Anonymous said...

Requesting for updates on your blog?!

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